Website Maintenance and Retirement

Hello, everyone, it’s been a long, long time. I’ll be going to go over the website in the next few weeks to fix any broken links and tidy up a few things here and there.

I’d also like to officially announce our retirement. Most of the old members had moved onto other things years ago, with some even settling down to have families. Even if our retirement was implied by our lengthy silence, I had a selfish desire to keep things alive and running, even if in a zombified state, so I thought it would be best to finally lay things to rest.

I had a lot of fun working on various projects with everyone at mirror moon and Yandere Translations, and I wish everyone and all our fans all the best in the future.

Peace Out.


MBAACC Boss Rush English 20161031 Released!

Hi everyone! After a rather lengthy silence, we bring to you tonight a fully playable version of the Boss Rush mode ported by Erkz in English! Relive the boss fights of Melty Blood Actress Again on PlayStation 2 on your PC and make it through until you reach the true nightmare that awaits you at the end. Grab it now! And Happy Halloween!

P.S. Only works with the original Japanese game and does not work on the Steam version.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Boss Rush English 20161031:

[MediaFire] [MD5 File]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]

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MBAACC Project on Hiatus

Hi, everyone! As you might have heard, Arc System Works is working on getting MBAACC released on Steam by this Spring. So you might ask, how does this affect our translation? Well, that’s an interesting question. Even we’re not entirely sure given the amount of information we currently know about the Steam release.

Some might say that there is no mention of an English localization on their news page, but there was also no mention of one for River City Sports Challenge which did get a full English release on Steam last December. Given this information, there is most likely a high possibility that MBAACC will also get a full English localization on Steam this Spring.

Even so, this has not been 100% confirmed. So we have decided to put our translation on hold until MBAACC is released on Steam this Spring so that we can confirm the existence of an officially licensed English localization. In the event that no such localization exists, the MBAACC translation project will continue as normal.

Until then, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed and supported the project and our team over the years and we’ll continue to look forward to see what the year brings us in 2016! It’s been a blast!

Download links working again

Hi, everyone. This is just a quick note to say that the download links have been fixed and that the files are also now being mirrored on MediaFire. The download links for the English translation patches and translated freeware games are available on our project pages.

MBAACC English Beta 20151204 Released

Hi, everyone! This time we bring you Mecha Month!

In memory of Miyu Matsuki, this patch includes the edited scenarios and win quotes for Mecha-Hisui, Neko & Mecha, and Koha & Mecha as well as minor updates to Hisui’s win quotes and Riesbyfe’s and Miyako’s scripts. The patch can be downloaded from the links below.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English Beta 20151204:

[MediaFire] [MD5 File]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]